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ChesedNet.org chesednet.org
ChesedNet.org is an online portal that provides information regarding all forms of help/outreach organizations and the services they provide.
JccGci.org jccgci.org
Jccgci.org is an online portal for the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island including all services and departments.
Algemeiner.com algemeiner.com
Algemeiner.com is a collection of valuable and insightful articles on all aspects of Judaism.
CGIMontreal.com cgimontreal.com
CGIMontreal.com is a place where parents and friends can stay up-to-date and keep in-touch with children at an overnight camp based in the mountains outside Montreal, Canada.
JewishCypress.com jewishcypress.com
JewishCypress.com is an online portal for the Chabad-Lubavitch community of Cypress a place where locals can stay up-to-date.
52action.com 52action.com
52action.com is a website and (basic) shopping cart for Award World, Inc. an engraving and awards company based out of Brooklyn, NY.
ILTSP.org iltsp.org
iltsp.org is an online portal where students can keep up-to-date with current news and pictures.
Haoros.com haoros.com
haoros.com is a website in Hebrew created for a bi-weekly pulication, this website provides the ability to read and download past and current issues of the publication.
JAcademySC.com jacademysc.com
JAcademySC.com is an online portal for the Jewish Academy and Early Childhood Discovery Center based out of Long Island.
doodlesonline.com doodlesonline.com
doodlesonline.com is a very simple website advertising gift baskets of all shapes and sizes.
Find-Ancestry.com find-ancestry.com
find-ancestry.com is a website people descending from Kishinev and Moldova in the Ukraine can find out more about their ancestors.
TheGRYC.org thegryc.org
thegryc.org is a website with basic information regarding services provided by the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council.
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